Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Now that we've cooked Perfectly Crisp Bacon, and made BLT's for dinner, what do you do with the rest of the bacon. One of my favorite Holiday Breakfasts is Personal Frittatas. These are always a huge hit at the holidays. You can customize them if needed and family can serve themselves while you are busy preparing the big holiday meal.

You can make a batch of these on the weekend and put them in baggies in the fridge to heat during the week for quick breakfasts. They also freeze well for future use.
What you need:
12 Eggs
Veggies/Meat of Choice (I'm using Bacon, Spinach & Cheese)

In this demo I am using Crumbled Bacon from Perfectly Crisp Bacon, Fresh Spinach and Cheese. You can use Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Peppers (Red or Green), well, pretty much any meat and/or veggie makes a great addition to this Frittata.

How you do it:
Preheat oven to 350*
Spray a muffin pan with nonstick cooking spray. 
Crack an egg into a bowl, add 2 tsp water and beat the egg.
 Pour the egg into a muffin mold. Repeat 12 times. (I told you this was easy!)
Now add the Crumbled Bacon and Chopped Spinach (or veggies of your choice).
Sprinkle with a little Salt and Pepper.
Next top with Shredded Cheese.
Put into the 350* oven and bake for about 25 minute, until puffy and golden brown on top.
Run a plastic knife around each Frittata to remove easily. Serve with Fruit and Toast for a complete breakfast.

Do you have a favorite Holiday Breakfast food? Feel free to add a link to your favorite recipe in your comment.

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