~Monday Motivations~

Attitude really is everything. We are going to experience difficult times in life. There's no need to make them more difficult with a miserable attitude. It's important to be exposed to things that increase our understanding or allow us to see beyond our own limitations and struggles. Start your week (and each day) with something motivating and inspiring. I am always collecting motivating thoughts and inspiring stories, especially real life ones. Some you may have seen before, others may surprise you! Have a great day!

How Are Your Spending Your Dash?
Who Packed Your Parachute?
Makin' Pancakes
Why Women Cry
How To Choose A New CEO)
Think You Know Who Makes A Difference?
Lessons From Geese
Ode To The Zode
Burt and the Goddess
Dancing On Potato Chips!
Law of the Garbage Truck
Change Begins With Choice
The Duck and The Devil
The Story of Peng Shuilin (Half Man)
What If It Was Your Son?!
You're Making A Cake!
Playing To Win!
Think YOU Had A Tough Day At The Office?

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