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Juicing is a great way to get mega doses of natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Without enzymes our bodies would cease to function. Cooking vegetables and fruits kills the enzymes. So it's important to get plenty of raw foods. You could never eat enough fresh produce to get the nutrients and enzymes that just a glass or two of juice will provide. 

If you are looking for a jump start on weight loss, a way to clean out or detox your system, or just want more energy, I highly recommend you try raw juice. Check out my post Seven Day Juice Diet and Results Of My 7 Day Juice Diet. If you are someone who doesn’t eat enough veggies, then you need to be juicing! Many vegetables are actually quite sweet when juiced. Carrots and beets are a good example. I love most all veggies, but have never been able to develop a taste for beets even though I know they contain valuable nutrients for the blood and also have cleansing and cancer prevention properties. I don’t eat cooked beets, but I drink them every day in my Carrot/Beet/Cucumber Juice.

I get lots of questions about juicing. If you are new to the idea, I highly recommend that you watch two documentaries: Food Matters (you can click and watch online immediately) and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead; you can purchase the DVD online, OR if you have Netflix you can stream it online. (***I do not have any affiliation with either of these productions, nor do I receive any compensation for recommending them; I do so because I believe the content and information provided is beneficial to anyone interested in juicing***)

Share your favorite juice recipe; I'll try it and write about it.

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Juice Recipes
Gazpacho Juice
Arizona Red Juice
V38 Juice
2COP Juice
Carrot/Beet/Cucumber Juice
Carrot/Apple/Ginger Juice
Mickey Mouse Juice
Favorite Juicing and Blending Recipes
Homemade Gatorade

Smoothie Recipes
Orange Juice Plus
Tomato Cocktail
Sweet Green Smoothie
Citrus Blast Smoothie
Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie
Favorite Juicing and Blending Recipes 



  1. I made the Arizona Red Juice. It was sooo yummy :) Thanks for the recipe!!

    1. So glad you liked it Jen! It's amazing how sweet it is with all the veggies.


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