Monday, December 12, 2011


Here is the 2nd of several quick and easy treats to make for the holidays. Can whip these up in a matter of minutes for last minute guests or to fill goodie bags. If you missed the 1st treat, you can see the Pretzel Kisses here.

Today's recipe has variations so you can actually create multiple flavors quickly. Here I will show Chocolate Peppermint Bark and Oreo Bark.

This process is so quick and easy. Start by crushing candy canes and Oreos in gallon size baggies before starting.
Purchase Almond Bark in chocolate and vanilla. You can also use 'melting chocolates' or 'candy coating'...different names in different stores. I found Candy Coating at Fry's and Almond Bark at Walmart. Michaels, JoAnn's and all grocery stores will carry one or the other.
Almond Bark typically comes in a 1 pound package.
Break it in half and put one half in a microwave safe bowl.
Microwave for 1 minute. Use a plastic knife or silicone spatula to begin stirring. Continue to microwave in 15 second intervals until melted. It will continue to melt as you stir.
Now you can use a variety of containers to create the candy. I prefer a flat plastic storage container because I can twist it to pop the hardened candy out. You can use several small ones or a larger (9x13) size flat container. You could also use a cookie sheet, you just need to be able to twist it a little. I spray my plastic container with non-stick cooking spray. I'm not sure it is necessary but I do it anyway.

Pour the melted chocolate into the plastic container. Spread to about 1/8 inch thick.
Next put 1/2 pound of the Vanilla Almond Bark in another bowl and melt. Start with one minute in the microwave and stir. Add 15 seconds increments, stirring between each one.

Pour the melted Vanilla Bark on top of the Chocolate. I like to dribble it all over. It will not spread as you pour, so it's important not to dump it all in one spot. If you do, you will end up with a 'dirty' mixture of black and white as you try to spread it. That's not so bad, you can cover it with candy and it still tastes great. After dribbling the white on, take a plastic knife and gently cut through it, which spreads it and creates cool designs. You can do it nice and neatly, or a little chaotic.
Next, pick up a handful of crushed Peppermint and sprinkle on top. It's important to have the candy already crushed because you don't want the chocolate to harden while you are busy crushing candy canes.
Now, stick the plastic container in the fridge to harden.

Next I take 1/2 pound of Vanilla Bark (white), put it in microwave bowl and melt. Same process...start with one minute, stir, add 15 seconds, stir, etc.

When melted, add a couple handfuls of crushed Oreos and gently fold in. Pour into another flat plastic container and spread gently with the plastic knife. Put it in the fridge to harden.
When hardened (only takes a few minutes), twist the container so you can pick up the entire piece of bark. Gently break into pieces of whatever size you want. Here is a plate of peppermint and Oreo bark side by side.
This is great in goodie bags for neighbors, friends, co-workers, car-pool buddies, postal carrier, hair dresser, and well, anyone! It is also great to set out at a party broken into small pieces. It is always the first to go!
Merry Christmas!!

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