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Before my breast cancer diagnosis, I had never even heard of Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). Turns out that it is a very rare and extremely aggressive type of cancer that has no lumps associated with it. I learned that few survive IBC; maybe because it often is not diagnosed since there are no lumps to find. In 12 months I had 6 major surgeries and 30 weeks of chemo. What a ride!

Breast cancer does not discriminate; I know men and women, young and old who have fought and continue to fight bc. Yes, it is a "small" bc, I will not give it the power and respect of a "big" bc. Breast cancer affects not only the one diagnosed, but everyone who knows and loves them. It is a horrible disease that takes many lives. I have a most amazing husband (post on our "story" coming soon) who is always willing to get involved in anything I volunteer him for.

As is my nature, I have also found much good that came from this experience and continues to come through my involvement in the breast cancer community. I have met some incredible people in some awesome organizations. We will talk about experiences, resources, organizations and much more. Please do take a minute to comment and share your experiences or information. This is how we all learn to understand others and become aware of resources available.

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