Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bacon & Eggs..But Not For Breakfast!

No, seriously, it's bacon and eggs. You can eat one. Or....
You can eat a whole plate full.  

Either way, it's just a really fun treat to make for Easter. And it's super easy to do.
If you like M&M treats, checkout these Pretzel Kisses. If you'd like some real bacon & eggs in an easy and fun way, here's how to make perfectly crisp bacon every time to eat with personal frittatas or an easy 3-minute omelette.

What you need:
White melting chocolate (either bar or discs)
Yellow M&M's (cheapest to buy a large bag and pick them out)
Pretzel sticks, each broken in half.

Prepare wax paper ahead of time by laying out on table or baking sheet.
Have yellow M&M's ready to go in a bowl.
Break pretzel sticks in half so they are ready to go.
It's important to have everything ready because the chocolate cools very quickly and the M&M's and pretzels won't stick.

Put white chocolate in a microwavable bowl. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Stir.
Continue to microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until chocolate is completely melted.
With a small spoon, drop a very small scoop of chocolate on the wax paper.
Gently press M&M into the chocolate on one side.
Gently press 2 pretzel sticks side by side, opposite of the M&M.

Note: If you are doing this by yourself, drop 3 chocolate eggs then stop and add the M&M and pretzels to them quickly. Then do 3 more. I found that doing any more than that gave the chocolate just enough time to start setting up and the M&M and pretzels won't stick. If you have someone to help you, they could come behind you and put the decorations on, allowing you to keep going with the chocolate drops.

One day when my in-laws were visiting I told them I made bacon and eggs for them and then presented each of them with one of these candies on a tiny plate. I also took a container full to church and told my Sunday School class that I had made bacon and eggs for all of them. They got quite excited. They were even happier when they discovered it was chocolate. It's just fun.

Happy Easter!!


  1. I do like the fun treats, Lisa. I was thinking I could have used green M&M's for St Patty's day. Or maybe use green chocolate for green eggs and ham.

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  3. Thank you! So glad you enjoy it...hope you can find many things of value to you!


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