Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: When The Going Gets Tough!

I have to admit, it's been a tough week. I'm having some serious issues with my hip (pretty sure I'm heading into my 2nd hip replacement surgery). I've spent a lot of time with Dr's and getting x-rays and MRI's this past week. Sometimes I think we forget how much everything in our bodies is connected to everything else. The worse it gets, the more it radiates into my back and down to my knees. I have been favoring my right hip since I had it replaced (not even a year ago) and now all of a sudden I am favoring my left. Limping is not good!! The worse it gets, the more difficult it is to get around and the more my back and knees hurt. I find myself needing more sleep, wanting to sit more (so difficult to walk) and consequently being less active. 

Don't misunderstand...I'm not complaining! Everyone has things to deal with, mine just happen to be health related. I have learned things about myself through my health issues (and yes, I've had a few (X10)). Related to physical activity and weight...

1) I have learned that I would prefer to be able to eat more and be very active to burn it off (I enjoy food & cooking). But that isn't always possible with health issues.

2) I have learned that I can still lose weight when unable to exercise AT ALL, by controlling what I put it my mouth (which means I don't have an excuse if I can't do #1)

3) I have learned that when I don't feel great physically, it is MUCH more difficult to control what I put in my mouth. (Which makes #2 more difficult). I'm not sure why it is that I want to eat unhealthy food when I don't feel great. Being aware of it doesn't make it easier, but it is the first step to controlling or changing it.

4) I have learned that if I have multiple flavors of juice prepared and waiting in the fridge I am more likely to drink some healthy, energy producing juice. (Which helps me overcome #3). We all like having choices of what we are going to eat. Choosing a flavor of juice is like choosing what fruits and veggies I feel like eating for that meal. It makes it easier to go to the fridge and grab something quickly and still eat (and drink) healthily.

Having said that, I managed to lose (only) 1.5 lbs this week. The positive side is that it's still going in the right direction. It also means I have 9 weeks and 27.5 lbs left to reach My Weight Loss Goal. And here's Why I Went Public. When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher!!

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What is your health goal and how are you working on it?


  1. Sorry to hear about your hip, but keep up the great work. You are an inspiration.

  2. Thanks Jeff! I think we all gain motivation from each certainly help keep me going! This to shall pass...but that doesn't mean it is easy!

  3. This is really inspiring!! You are amazing :) I have a pant size goal not a weight goal. I made the decision not to go by weight any more. I always weigh more than most people wearing the same size of pants as me. It is very discouraging for me. I am happy when I can wear a size 14. That is the smallest I have been since I had my 2nd baby who passed away when she was born. I went from a size 3/5 to a 14. I am a size 18 now. Tony is not a fan of to skinny (size 3/5 according to him). Since I am happy with a size 14 I think I would love being a size 8/10 but I wouldn't know cause I've never been an 8/10. I also want to run 4 miles without stopping. I did a sprint triathalon last year but I had to walk a few times during the running portion.

  4. Jen, I think you have exactly the right thought process about losing weight! For me it is not about how much I weigh, it is about how I feel and how I look. I want to feel strong and sleek. I don't want to feel thick, weighted down and sluggish. 5 years ago I lost 65 lbs (after cancer treatment made me gain 70). At that time I didn't have a weight goal, but i knew when I got there by how I felt. During the past two years I have had 5 surgeries and gained 40 lbs back. This time I know how much to lose to feel good. When I get in that "area" I will decide if I need to lose a few more or less, based on how I feel. Keep up the great work and attitude!! Can't wait to hear about your successes!


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