Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Not Gonna Do It!!

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday. No, I'm not gonna do  it; not gonna weigh in.
No, I'm not in denial. I know the truth...not only didn't I lose this week, but I'm up. And no, I'm not angry; a little tired but feeling positive.
If you read my weekly weigh in last week, you know that it was a rough week, but I still managed to lose a little weight. This week the rough got rougher. My hip got worse; some days I could barely walk. In an effort to preserve the joint as long as possible (because I'm so young) my surgeon asked me to try cortisone injections in my hip one more time before we replace it. I agreed. The injection was postponed from Friday to Monday. By then I was very inactive and frustrated because of the pain, so for Easter I made a dinner of some of my favorite things and enjoyed them. That really wasn't the problem; eating leftovers for the next two days was the problem!!

So, I did get the cortisone injection on Monday. My body always seems to have very unique responses to medical treatments. For example, whenever I have cortisone injections or anesthesia for surgery I don't sleep the first night. Yeah, it's real pleasant being up two days in a row when my body needs sleep to recover. This time was no exception; I received the injection on Monday and was up all night. I did go to bed and try to sleep, so at least my body is "resting"; it's a good time to catch up on all the blogs I follow while laying there all night. 

Tuesday morning I got out of bed at 4am with Doug; I like being up with him before he leaves for work. I worked from home yesterday and was very productive. I kept thinking that at some point I would crash and need a nap...never happened. Finally went to sleep at 11:00 last night and was up again at 4:15 this morning. I'm grateful for the 5 hours of sleep!! The other weird reaction to the cortisone is that the pain in the joint where I receive the injection intensifies a LOT for the first 24 hours (while I'm not sleeping). By last night the pain had subsided and I was actually feeling relief. It will take a couple of weeks to tell the full affect of the injection, but it is definitely much improved this morning.

So, back to my weigh in...I felt lousy all week, ate holiday food for three days (instead of one), didn't sleep for two days and was very inactive. I don't need to get on the scale to know that I'm up...I can feel it! I don't want to know how much and feel bad or discouraged for even a minute. It is what it is. Today I will do something about it. Today I will juice. If you are new to juicing, check out my Juicy Gossip page for information and recipes for fresh juice and smoothies. Today I will get myself back on track. Today I will take the opportunity to make a fresh start! And tonight I will get sleep!! Look for some good weight loss at my next weekly weigh in; I now have exactly 8 weeks to lose 28 lbs (plus whatever I am up this week) to meet my goal. Success is on the horizon!

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