Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: Sick Of It!

Have you ever found yourself so sick and tired of the status quo that something flips in your brain and you know you are ready to push past your comfort zone and make a change? This happened a couple  of nights ago when Hubby and I laid in bed, moaning and groaning, complaining about how gross we felt.

Typically we eat dinner between 4-5 PM (bring on the 'old  people' jokes). That's because we hit the sack between 8-9pm. Hubby gets up at 4am to leave the house at 5am for work. I require a little more beauty sleep than he does (especially while body is still recovering from total hip replacement) so I sleep another hour or two.

But lately, we have found ourselves not getting to eat dinner until a little later on a fairly frequent basis. Chalk it up to aging parents faced with major health issues, out of town relatives, hubby's school schedule (he's working on his Masters Degree at night).

We had gone to bed with a full stomach after eating a late dinner. I really HATE that! With a PASSION!! When you go to bed with a full stomach your body cannot relax and regenerate like it needs to during the night. It is forced to keep working for hours digesting and processing food. If you pay attention, you will probably notice that you don't sleep as deeply or restfully and in the morning you don't feel as rested or energized as you should.

As we laid there bemoaning our situation and how we felt, be both knew there was no one to blame but ourselves. "I'm sick of it!", I said. "I'm sick of it too", Hubby said.

Have you seen the commercial for socks where the dad is dangling his son in the air after dipping his feet into plaster? He's hanging there with plaster dripping from his feet when the mom walk in and asks what they are doing. Dad says that they are making their own socks because they can't find socks that fit right and they are "SICK OF IT!". Kid says, "YEAH, SICK OF IT!".

Back to our bedroom....the "SICK OF IT!" "YEAH, SICK OF IT!" jokes started flying. In the end we both truly felt like we are sick of it. Sick of going to bed with a full stomach, sick of feeling fat and gross, sick of not feeling comfortable in our clothes and not being able to fit into certain clothes. Sick of not being as energetic as we were 20 pounds ago. We looked at each other and said, "We just need to remember how sick of it we really are!!" If we remember this feeling, we will make better choices. (Truth is, I'd be better off not eating dinner at all than eating so late that I go to bed with a full stomach.)

Hubby's always so great at helping me with my goals. When I got up the next morning I found this LARGE sign on the bathroom mirror. (I added "ME TOO!" to the bottom)
I went out to the fridge to get my morning bottle of water and found this...(of course I added "Ya, Sick Of It!!" from the commercial)
Then over the next couple of days our reminders of our commitment to ourselves and each other started showing up everywhere...
                                   On my computer....(ooh, screen needs to be dusted)
                                                                       On the door....
                                                            On the microwave….
                                                             On my whiteboard….
                                                           Even.........on the bananas!!
I am motivated! And I'm not going to forget that I am sick of not feeling my best. Today I will begin a new phase of life! I commit to my health and the changes I need to make!

Have you ever gotten so sick of it that you were truly ready to commit to change?

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