Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekly Weigh In: The Moment of Truth

Half way through the week I weighed, and was down 2 lbs. So how is it that at the end of the week I weighed and was UP 2 lbs?

I can pretend that I don’t know how it happened, but the truth is, I do. The first half of the week I recorded everything I ate on I have an APP on my phone and my computer so I can use it anywhere. It is super easy to use, even has calories for restaurant food.

Then I had a cheat day. Which turned into two cheat days...and then three. Hmmmmm.....
So, NO EXCUSES, it's my own fault. (Did you watch Biggest Loser 13 last night?) It wasn't the fault of someone else for invading my space, or getting in my face, or saying something I didn't like or putting the food in front of me, or any other number of excuses. It's my own fault...I own my actions! (Man, that was an irritating episode, wasn't it?!)

So, I'm back on it today. I just need to shake the negative feeling I was left with after watching BL13 last night........give me a minute........okay, GONE! Not going to waste a minute more on toxic, whiny people!

This week I will log every calorie I eat, because it works! I will do a couple days of Juicing and Smoothies. (If you haven't tried juicing yet, you really need to. Such a great way to get intense nutrition and lose weight at the same time.) I will definitely take a cheat day for Super Bowl Sunday! I only make my favorite Mac-N-Cheese and Almost Better Than Sex Cake (coming tomorrow) a couple of times a year...and I will enjoy it! But I will only have ONE cheat day this week. And I WILL lose weight. Check in next Wednesday for results.

Question: When I am serious about losing weight, logging every calorie works for me. When you are serious about losing weight, what action works for you?

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