Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Introducing a new blog in 2011

If you've read my other blog "What's On Your Mind?", you already know that the theme of that blog is Insurance. I am an Insurance Agent by day and am passionate about educating my clients in order to help them be able to make informed decisions and protect their assets.

This blog, "Passion For Excellence" is intended to be a forum for discussion on many things in life that cause me to take action, speak up or participate in some way. Topics will include Healthy Cooking, Physical Fitness & Weight Loss, Personal Progress & Awareness, Overcoming & Exceeding, Fighting Breast Cancer & the Unique Life of Recovery...basically, everything but Insurance.

I love hearing new perspectives and learning from others, so don't hesitate to share your comments and will be contributing to my personal progress and growth! Here's to an AWESOME 2011!!


  1. In a way, discussions about healthy cooking, physical fitness and weight loss ARE about insurance in a way. ;) Body insurance at the very least. Always good to be informed.

  2. Good Point Jeffrey!! The healthier you are the less your life insurance and health insurance cost! While nothing can guarantee a long life, living a healthy lifestyle is the only 'insurance' we can buy to make that happen.


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