Saturday, January 29, 2011

Healthy Habits

I was talking with a friend, sharing and learning ideas for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. It is interesting to me how many aspects there are to being healthy; eating, sleeping, exercise, spiritual fulfillment, emotional fulfillment, interactions with friends and others that affect our emotional and mental well-being. As we talked about these different areas and trying to be aware of taking care of ourselves in all areas, I suggested that she start creating 'healthy habits'. Once something is a habit we just do it as a matter of course. Our mind has learned that 'this is what we do'. By creating 'healthy habits' we can train our mind and body to do certain things that we know are good for us. The more healthy habits we can develop the easier it is to get and stay healthy because we already know how we will respond and what we will do in certain situations. The goal is to not have to 'make decisions' when we feel weak, but to go on auto pilot because 'that's what we do'.

For example, when I get up in the morning I no longer think about what I 'want' to eat or drink. I walk to the fridge for a bottle of cold water. I have one beside me right now since I am writing early on a Saturday morning. I don't ask myself if I feel like having water. I have created a habit of drinking a bottle of water every morning before eating anything.
It was suggested that when blogging about any of these things, I title it "Healthy Habits". I will take that suggestion...Healthy Habits is born!
What healthy habits do you have? I'm always looking for ways to improve mine.
In what area(s) would you like to develop more healthy habits?

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