Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To Cut A Mango In 90 Seconds Or Less

Do you love eating Mango's, but hate cutting them? If so, then I suspect you are still trying to peel them and then cut them. Aaarrrggghhh! That's enough to make you scream, or... just not eat mango's!

Mango's are super easy to cut and prepare once you know the trick. When they are on sale I love to buy bags of them and make an Incredible Mango Salsa. I'll share more delicious Mango recipes in coming weeks. But right now, let's look at how to cut a mango in 90 seconds or less. Seriously, that's all it takes! Here's how...

First, pick a perfectly shaped, ripe Mango. Okay, any Mango will do!
Next, stand it up on it's skinny side and point it away from you.
The pit of the Mango is long, but only about 1/2 inch thick. It runs right down the middle of the Mango.
Imagine a 1/2 inch strip down the middle. 
You are going to cut a slice off the Mango on both sides of that 1/2 inch strip.
(Wow, this seems way more complicated to  put into words than it actually is!)
Cut one side off and spin the Mango around and cut the other side off.
You are left with the thin center piece of the Mango, which we will come back to.
Hold one half of the Mango in the palm of your hand.
With your knife, make 3 lengthwise cuts, being careful not to cut through the skin.
Turn the Mango in your hand and make 4 cuts the opposite way, creating a grid of cuts. 
Do this with both halves.
Gently invert the Mango half. Now all of your pre-cut pieces of Mango are sticking straight up so you can easily cut them off the peel. Once they are on your cutting board, just cut the Mango into smaller chunks for Mango Salsa.
Or leave them big and eat them just like this.
Pick up the thin center piece of Mango. There is still a lot of good fruit around the pit. At the end opposite of the stem, cut through the peel. Holding it between the knife and your thumb, pull the peel back to the stem. Do the same to the other side, then just cut off the stem with the peel.
Use the knife to cut the remaining Mango off the pit.
Rotate the pit until you've cut all the way around and on both sides. 
You are left with a thin husk-like shell. Inside this is the Mango pit. If you set this on a plate and let it dry out for a few days, you can break open the husk and remove the Mango seed. The actual seed looks a lot like a bean (it is very small). Set it in a shallow dish of water and it will grow. It grows a cool little tree right out of the center of the seed.
Now you have a beautiful pile of ready to eat Mango!
This whole process really takes about 60-90 seconds once you have done it and know exactly how to do it.

Now, take that pile of Mango, chop it up a little smaller and try These Two Mango Salsa Recipes! They are amazing!

What is your favorite recipe for Mango? To leave a comment Click Here.

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  1. Perfect timing! I have two mangoes in my fridge waiting for me to make Mango salad dressing...I love mango salsa, too...hmmm...might have to use one for each of those!

  2. I love when information falls into my hands at just the right time!! Try the salsa; let me know what you think. I would love to try your Mango salad dressing and blog about it!

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