Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Is Your Biggest Struggle While Pursuing Weight Loss and/or Physical Fitness?

There is only one point to this post and that is to ask a question and get YOUR feedback.


Is it planning meals? Knowing what to eat? working exercise into your busy schedule? Knowing how to exercise? Finding someone to follow your plan with you? Are you being sabotaged by someone? Do you struggle with motivation, eating late at night, or skipping meals and then overeating? Something completely different?

Please take a minute and share your comment. Feel free to forward this post to everyone you know who is in pursuit of weight loss, physical fitness or a balanced life. The more comments and opinions the better!


  1. 1. Eating late at night; 2. Too many social events that revolve around food; 3. Eating on the run and grabbing what is convenient and fast.

  2. My biggest struggle has been weeding through all the differing OPINIONS of what is good for us to be eating. This has been a long journey - for years it was one fad diet after another with none of them leading to permanent, sustainable weight loss or optimum health. After weeding through all of the information, I've decided that I need to return to the ways of my ancestors - growing and producing as much of my food as I can and getting the rest of it from trusted sources that pasture their livestock on organic alfalfa/grass and let their chickens be as free range as possible and grow vegetable crops as I would. I've cut out the "plastic" fats and the refined sugars. I also soak my grains and I'm starting to ferment a lot of the foods that I eat so that I have an abundance of good bacteria in my digestive system.

    The next biggest struggle has been getting my family to eat healthy along with me. My children do better at this than my husband. I've purchased a cookbook with family friendly recipes that coincide with the way I'm trying to change, hoping that will help!

    The next struggle is finding a consistent time to exercise. I do really well for a week or two, but then something comes up that throws my schedule for a loop...and I'm back to not exercising for a while. I'm hoping that as we do more work on our property that I'll start to get more exercise as a part of my daily routine and a need for a set exercise time/routine will not be needed so much!

  3. I would say planning meals and then having them be easy but nutritious. We are an on the go family constantly. So quick and easy is always best but never the right choice!

  4. My biggest struggle was making myself be consistent and not skip a day of working out...once you skip it is too easy to keep skipping, so I have forced myself to do it whether I felt like it or not...my only other struggle is late night munching, and I am much better off if I completely resist any snack...once I start eating, even something healthy, I want to keep eating, so I avoid it altogether.

  5. I would say my biggest challenge is exercising consistently. My schedule is all over the map and it seems that's what gets left out too often. Since I'm a night owl, I do not like to exercise when I first get up and then need to get ready for meetings, etc. I definitely need more discipline in this area.

  6. For me, I have a couple of issues. My medication for high blood pressure has caused weight gain. The other issue is portion control. I love to cook and we rarely eat out. I don't snack or eat late and I seldom have any desserts. Dinner is a time for my husband and I to reconnect and go over our day so, we really enjoy that time together.

  7. Almost anything in life is more interesting than exercise. My beloved books, the computer, the TV, my friends, job-hunting, couponing, the phone, the housekeeping, organizing and storage, ANYthing. I know that these things are far behind health as a priority, and yet, I can't exercise everyday; my attention is called elsewhere and then it's midnight and I never got to it. The second thing is that I am an extremely social person, yet I live alone. That means that meals out with friends are a celebration--of friendship, of pleasure, of connecting with and being out in the larger world, and ordering tuna to do that celebrating never crosses my mind. These are not excuses. My rational mind joins yours in screaming "What is the MATTER with you?", but as I said, these are not excuses; they are my truth.

  8. Always feeling like I'm going it alone, tracking and motivating myself to work out.

  9. I have over a million excuses not to exercise, but not a one wortth a D***.

    First off, I have gotten so far out of shape, it litterally hurts to exercise. I cramp up and joints start popping and grinding. Plus, heat (humidity) is stifling. Last time I walked it was so humid that I got passed by a catfish on the trail. I know, read the disclaimer at the beginning of this post. Nothing but lame @$$ excuses.

    As for the diet, OMG!!!! Sometimes I eat as late at 11 p.m. The only reason I choose to eat that late is because I have not eaten since 11 a.m. and I am hungry. I don't have the best schedule for eating times. My body has no earthly idea when I am going to eat.

    Yes, sometimes I over eat. I admit it, but other times it's the quality of food I intake.

    Have fun with this post ladies and gents,


  10. My biggest struggle is late night eating...but also a major problem is our tight budget. I work around it the best I can, but sometimes healthy food is more expensive and we have to cut corners. I'm still working on ways to circumvent that!

  11. My biggest struggle for the past few years has been health issues that have complicated my exercise routine. Recent surgery on my ankle has set me back again. Also I have times it is so easy to stick with eating more healthy, and other times it is so hard.

  12. I'm an emotional eater! I'm a social eater! I'm a bored eater! I'm a mom of 3 little kids & an ex-football for a husband! I need something I can make fast & cost effective. So I guess that is it in a nut shell ;)

  13. 1.Emotional food banking. "I've had a hard day, I deserve this, --------"...chocolate, fries, burger, chimichanga....

    2. I can have this donut, because I am going to run/excercise later. Then later, I am too busy or tired.

  14. Probably consistent exercise is the biggest thing right now.

  15. I would say my biggest problem is what I eat. I love sweets, it is safe to say I am a sugar addict. I need to gain self control and break the addiction. (Currently working on this.)

  16. A hindrance to exercise, for me, is when my routine is broken because company is here. Since I don't go out to exercise, for the most part, having other people in the house (current distraction, brother, sister-in-law and niece), it's hard to keep up the routine. Making exercise, movement, a habit, helps, but once its interrupted, its hard to get my momentum going again. Sigh.

  17. Consistency has been my biggest challenge. As you know, I've had many years of learning what my body wants and will tolerate to drop all the weight that I've dropped. I've gotten the eating habits down to an art for what my body "runs" best on... not only that, but I've been able to prep ahead of time to make sure I keep things on hand that I can quickly eat. However, when I have a massively busy week... it can be challenging to have it prepped ahead of time... which means.. "Oops! Gotta pick something up quick!"

    The other part to that consistency is the exercise part... Once again I've learned what works for my body to keep me energized and in shape, but when the week is so busy that I have to choose sleep over exercise - it gets challenging to keep it up. Although, I can go for a little while with less sleep, it'll catch up to me.

    I got over the "I don't wanna" bit regarding getting a workout in after my routine was interrupted for a while by promising myself 2 minutes on the treadmill. It sounds silly to sum, but it's basically a mind game... it gets me in the gym and once there... I never stop at only 2 minutes.

    Planning my meals helps... as well as setting alarms to remind me to eat. People look at me funny on that one, but when I get super busy... I don't think about eating. I eat 5 - 6 SMALL "meals" per day as that keeps my energy level consistent... and it helps my mind to stay focused better.

    Planning "treats" is another tip... ok... I admit... I plan almost everything - it's the only way I've been able to drop all that weight, keep it off for years, and feel amazing.

  18. Hi I am Darbie and I thought I posted yesterday..oops I am a computer illiterate..
    Any way I love exercise and no matter what the temperature I try to walk where I am going and take the bus, because you have to walk if you take the bus. There are some things I can't do, due to health issues but I try to exercise even if it's only butt squeezies as I sit here. How's that for a mental image:>
    I love fresh vege's and fruit, problem with those is they rot so bloody fast and I don't want to go to the grocer every other day, frozen and canned just don't cut it.
    So I end up eating the crap my husband does, minus the meat (usually).
    But cakes and cookies oh my oh my they do love my thighs and I can't help but eat them. I try not to, but between the roomie bringing them home and the husband asking me to bake for him it's hard to say no when it's under your nose.
    Then, there's the chocolate, I like it a lot and and can actually go with out it, but there is that time that comes around with out warning and God help anyone who gets between me and my chocolate, cause I will hurt you.
    And then of course there are kids in their teens and twenty that are a lot bigger than me and I think, "well at least I am not that big" that's like the guy that says well my sin is not as big as his is. It doesn't matter a sin is a sin and a jiggle is a jiggle.
    So how do I eat fresh veges and fruits without going to the grocer every other day? I have tried growing them but they don't like me, and I can't live off the parsley and basil that did grow.
    I don't want to be chunkalicous any more but not sure what to do about it. And slowing metabolism doesn't help either.
    Sorry Marrianne I didn't mean to write a book.
    My husband said to tell you that I eat irregularly; I will go one day without eating and binge eat the next..guess he thinks that's bad I think it keeps my metabolism guessing.hahha

  19. Exercise is my biggest issue! Due to health issues I need to have someone with me while I exercise. I try to do some yoga or resistance exercises at home, and when mopping the floor causes you to sit and almost pass out, it becomes a frightening prospect. It has been a vicious circle of medication (that should have the side effect stating you will gain 10 to 20 pounds)not being able to breathe and just trying to learn how to eat correctly after years of eating on the run. I am hoping to have a walking partner soon to help out.


  20. I hate to say this but everything you mentioned in your blog is something that has been an issue with me.. planning meals, having the motivation to follow through with them. Time to exercise, someone to work through a routine with me at the gym, (I hate my gym here in Co.Springs).. eating the right foods.. not having the discipline to walk away from certain foods. Wanting someone to motivate me and exercise with me. All of it.

  21. Way to get people talking with this post, Marianne! My biggest struggle is definitely an ongoing cycle of self-sabotage. I work hard to get to a point where I'm really humming along, feeling strong and confident, eating well and exercising all the time, and then for whatever reason (voices of self-doubt in my head?) I start to backslide. This is a huge mental stumbling block in my life. It's almost like I subconsciously want to PROVE to myself that I'm not worthy of realizing my full potential as a person. That, and it's much easier to say, "See, you're really not good enough" than to push through that really difficult final hurdle and reach that potential. That is what Olivia Ward did en route to winning "The Biggest Loser," and I wish I could motivate myself more with her example.

  22. My biggest struggle has been dealing with Chronic Pain, it gets in the way of life. I try and exercise everyday, I've always eaten healthy food, avoid sugar (except on Birthdays...gotta have cake). I eat lots of veggies, choose sprouted breads and stick with hormone free meats! It made the difference for me! Over the last 2 years I've lost 55 lbs. I still want to lose another 20 slow and steady is the best way to lose and to keep it off!

  23. For me, it's two-fold:

    1) I don't enjoy exercise, or at least haven't found the right one that fits with my schedule and is palatable.

    2) Making good food choices and eating on a regular schedule - I tend to skip meals and also eat late.

  24. Discipline!!
    Whether it is pushing myself to finish the workout I started or not eating those chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

    I have a hard time just eating 1 chocolate covered cinnamon bear, or cinnamon roll, or serving of cheesecake, or even serving of a healthy dinner. It is easier to not have any junk than stop at a balaced serving.
    I can say I won't eat it for a while but there is a time in life when one should "cheat" a little to celebrate life. However 1 serving should do it not the whole box!

  25. Sorry it has taken me so long to post. Your question was very thought provoking so I wanted to make sure that I dug deep for my answer.

    My biggest struggle is FEAR.

    FEAR of:
    Success - What if I really got to my goal weight
    Failure - What if I got to goal and gained it all back
    Men looking at me - Being 100 pounds overweight I am invisible
    Not knowing how to relate to the world as a thin person - I have been heavy most of my life.
    Saggy Skin - No wrinkles when you stay poofy.

    Fear of feeling - This is one of the biggest fears I have. Feeling...When I think of what being thin felt like it was not very good. I was bullied and teased and had no one safe to tell. At age 11 I had a 36/24/36 figure & weighed 146 pounds. Men would leer at me. A friends mom would not let her play with me any longer because I had breasts and "must be letting the boys pull them". Kids at school called me slut. At 16 I was date raped. So to me being thin does not have a good meaning or good feelings attached to it.

    Recently I realized the absurdity of hating my body after finding a picture of myself when I weighed 100 pounds less than what I weigh now. I remember the day the picture was taken because I thought I looked so fat in the dress I had on. My initial thought when I saw the picture was what I would not give to look like that again! Ok so how much sense does that make to want to get to someplace that I hated being in the first place.

    2 years ago I was blessed to have the opportunity to have a surgery done that I have wanted since I was 14. It has changed my life. I was able to change the one part of my body that I hated the most. Now I can become more active with less pain. I have been working with a trainer for 18 months working on getting my strength back.

    Today I am working on living healthy, being active. I am 52 and want to be fit at 55. I can attain that goal by losing 5 pounds a month...I just can't let my FEAR hold me back any longer.

    I apologize for this post being so long and if I am to honest and offend anyone. I have prayed all week about how to answer and this post is a result of that prayer.


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