Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So which is it...Quantity or Quality?

Would you argue that the quantity of food you eat is most important? Or would you support the side that says quality overrides quantity?

If you asked me, I would say "it depends!"

If your goal is to lose weight or maintain your weight, then it's QUANTITY that's important.
If your goal is good health, then it's QUALITY that's important.

Right? Well, yes and no.

To lose weight, you definitely need to control the amount of calories (quantity) you take in. If you are at a comfortable weight and want to be healthy then you want to look at which foods will give you nutritionally what your body needs (quality).

But is there overlap between quality and quantity?     

It's true, you can eat three Oreo cookies and get 160 calories. Or, for the same 160 calories you can eat 23 Strawberries or 3 1/2 cups of Watermelon Balls. Which is going to fill you up more? Which is going to be more satisfying?

Most of the time the greater amount of fruit will take care of the sweet tooth and will fill you up due to the sheer quantity you are eating. It will also provide the nutrients that you need for strength and endurance in a stressful world.

For those few times when only the sweet will do, it's important to acknowledge how many calories it has and consciously choose how much you will eat. You can't ignore the calorie count and then complain that you can't lose weight! And you can't eat junk and nutritiously empty calories and expect to feel good!

So, which is it...Quantity or Quality?


  1. Thanks Laura. Sometimes it's a struggle to choose the one we know is most important at any given time, isn't it?


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